The success of the steps foreseen by the project allowed the partners to undertake new measures:

● A compost plant, which is to be connected to the recycling of organic waste for non domestic users is planned for the city of Santo Domingo.
     Over the next few months organic waste recycling for non domestic users will be launcheed. 

● An increase in the number of domestic households recycling recyclable materials and the collection of glass objects will take place in the city of La Habana. 

● Where possible an awareness-raising recycling scheme involving young people is planned for the city of Port-au-Prince.

The future of the project is linked to the knowledge that waste is not a problem but a resourceand we have the capability to continue recycling. Furthermore, in April 2014 a network of international areas interested and willing to launch or implement the recycling of urban solid waste was set up.

The network provides an opportunityin which experiences can be shared and strategies disclosed about how to resolve the management of waste in order to increase the collection of recyclable materials and compost, the production of necessary support plants and the reduction of waste disposed of at landfill. The future of REVIME is always to create a better life in the future.

International Network of Recycling Municipalities

Starting from Re.Vi.Me Project and the good practices stated by it, especially in Santo Domingo Area, we aim at creating an International Network of Recycling Municipalities coming all over the world and where it would be possible to share experiences and find out common strategies in order to solve the waste management problems thought the increasing of recycling modalities.

The Network is opened to all the municipalities, especially those coming from Developing Countries, with particular regard to Central and Latin America, willing to test solutions for the separate collection and recycling of materials. Partners of the Network are already the partners municipalities of ReViMe Project, that is to say: Santo Domingo (where thanks to this EU project, the separate collection have started up on November 2012), La Habana and Port au Prince. But the network will also rely on several Municipalities from Europe where high percentage of recycling is already working and which can be a model for all the other local authorities aiming at starting up a recycling process.

The Network will act through an Organizing Secretariat and a Technical Board composed of the technicians of the Working Groups operating in Revime but opened to the other technicians who voluntarily would like to join it and provide their support to the partners municipalities. The Network will mainly work through ReViMe project web platform and may organize some thematic web-appointments. Thanks to ReViMe web platform it would be possible to have access to the digital archive of all materials produced by the project (technical documents, plans, presentations, awareness materials, etc …) thus providing practical support to those who are interested in replicating similar experiences in the recycling sector.

Objective and Actions

The main objective of the International Network of Recycling Municipalities is to share experiences and good practices in the waste management sector with particular regard to the process and modalities of recycling. This objective will be achieved thought a series of actions:

• Provision of all the materials (both technical and communication) realized within Revime project thought the web platform, so that any interested municipality of the network can have access to it;

• On line sharing of single experiences in the recycling or more generally in the waste management sector;

• Supporting the implementation of recycling modalities while also illustrating the most innovative techniques which can be used in this sector;

• First on line assistance and support through the Technical Board;

• Promoting periodic meetings on different issues related to recycling;

• Assistance for fund raising in order to finance new projects in the recycling sector;

• Strengthening the network in order to acquire position in international contexts and trying to play an important rule also with central governments while stressing for implementing national policies on recycling;

• To create international partnership in order to participate jointly to other European or international calls for proposals on the waste management issues;

• Promoting a commercial circuit for the recycled materials at an international level thus helping enterprises of this sector to find out possible buyers worldwide.