International Competition

The protagonists of the innovation of REVIME are the youngsters. They hold the key in changing the social context in which they live by understanding basic concepts and rules in order to respect the environment and safeguard their surrounding country. We created the international competition in order to raise awareness in 45 primary and secondary school classes which were found within the pilot area in each city involved in the project. The theme of the project was named "the island you want!". The aim was to rediscover the island as an eco-friendly environment, which needs to be protected and respected, starting with the recycling scheme which would have a positive outcome.

The recreational and educational program had the following items: ecological awareness, environmental awareness, respect for the environment, understanding waste, recycling process and the advantages that recycling will have on the environment.

In order to support the formative programme, digital, visual and paper material were placed in a fun box which was then given to each class. In order to compete in the competition, the students presented their different work to the panel (pictures, sculptures, models) and the best three were presented with a prize during promotional events in each city. Due to the success of the formative programme, we created an online simplified version where all the materials and educational games can be downloaded and the course can be completed by anyone interested in the topic.

For more information on the educational trail and to download materials, visit the website construction).