The project“REVIME, sustainable waste management for a better life” was carried out from May 2010 to April 2014. The project was an international collaboration between Italy, Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic co-funded by the European Union. . 

The collaboration of these partner countries made it possible to initiate pilot schemes for recycling waste taken from the historical centres in Santa Domingo and La Habana and also to provide training and raising awareness activities in Port-au-Prince. The general purpose of project REVIME is to reduce the amount of waste which is normally sent to landfill thus limiting the environmental impact caused by the mismanagement of waste. The project will also try to collect discarded materials such as paper, cardboard and plastic in order to recycle into other energy-saving products and raw materials.

REVIME is characterized by the consistent sharing of knowledge, experience, skills, cultures and emotions. In this way, REVIME has achieved the objectives of the project thanks to many factors including; dialogue and exchanges between the partners, the skills acquired by the engineers involved in the project, the sensitivity and interest from people (locals and non-locals) and the availability and participation of the public and private sectors and businesses.

These factors turned the recycling project from a concept into an action project and it has been positively welcomed by all involved in recycling and its awareness campaign. The project was only the beginning of a recycling process that will continue to involve an increasing number of people in order to create a better life... look what we have been able to do! 

Project sites

In all three sites of the project, the aim was to spread the culture of recycling and sustainable waste management through the following actions:

● Training programs for technicians;

● Transfer of knowledge and skills;

● Involvement and awareness activities;

● Communication activities;

● Monitoring of the achieved progress and the benefits arising from the recycling of waste.


In the Colonial City of Santo Domingo REVIME project involved the implementation of a system of selective collection of waste "door to door" for the domestic user. Each family receives regular envelopes of different color and, days and times you define, deposit the bags into the street.


In the Colonial Ciudad de La Habana REVIME project involved the implementation of a separate collection system for the non-domestic users and implemented with the home container system. Each user has the task of depositing in the appropriate container paper, plastic, aluminum and tinplate.


In the city of Port au Prince REVIME project included actions aimed at increasing the awareness of citizens with respect to the problem of proper waste management. Educational activities have been taken for students to learn how to recycle, and organized outreach events for young people and adults.